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Sample BellaCoola-enhanced WebTrends Report

Click here to view a report made using WebTrends in conjunction with BellaCoola Tracker Logs.  A new window will open so you can easily read the commentary below while viewing the report.

NOTE: Typically, you would generate and view this report on your local hard drive, thus saving the download time.


A Question from One of our Visitors (who is now a client):

“I use WebTrends.  You have a BellaCoola-enhanced WT report, but I have trouble identifying just how it's enhanced.  Look pretty much like a normal report to me.  If BellaCoola tells me how many of my visitors click on a link to leave my site and then tells me if they come back, how is this shown in my WT report?  I guess I was visualizing an "add on" report of some sort that would provide the enhanced info.  It just isn't very clear to me, in this sample report, what I would be getting that I'm not already getting.”


Our Response:

Actually, the idea is to have everything all in one report (rather than having to run/collate multiple reports).

We’ve Groovesite's WebTrends report as a real-world example... let's see what it's showing us... (obviously, this will be different for each site)

Click here to view a report made using WebTrends in conjunction with BellaCoola Tracker Logs.  A new window will open so you can easily read the commentary below while viewing the report.

1) This report is showing how many people are listening to the RealAudio files (in the Most Requested Pages section).  GrooveSite´s Jazz collection <http//> is more popular than any other page on their site (except the home page).

In your case, you could use Adios to audit how many people actually click through to your affiliate programs at, Music Boulevard and  A good check against the numbers they supply (or don't supply) you with.

If people are not coming back from these sites, then these affiliate programs will appear in the Top Exit Pages section.

2) You will also see how many people are clicking off your site by looking for your own site name in the Top Referring Sites section.  Here we see that we're sending 310 people off the site to (according to the Most Submitted Forms & Scripts section)

  • http//  (158)
  • http//  (127)
  • http//  (30)
  • http//  (3)

(These totals don't agree because some destination sites are not forms/scripts)

3) You will see how many people are leaving the site and then returning by looking in the Top Paths Through Site section.  In GrooveSite's case, there is little or no return (unlike the BellaCoola site!).  If there were, you would see entries (in the Top Paths Through Site section) like this

  1. /
  2. http//
  3. ( they returned )
  4. http//  (started the music)
  5. /news.html  ( then read the news )

In GrooveSite's case, they would need to work on getting people to return to their site during a session—their RealAudio programs are 20+ minutes long, plenty of time for visitors to go elsewhere.  You can reconstruct what's going on by looking at the BellaCoola Tracker Log to see the individual click-trails.

4) You can also track viewership and click-through from Newsgroup postings (which GrooveSite isn't using).  You'd see your Newsgroup postings appearing in the Most Requested Pages and Top Referring Sites sections.


If you're interested in proceeding, just fill out the application on our site and we'll get you set up right away.


Sign up and start getting the whole picture today!  You´ll see why we´re the professional´s choice for all-in-one web tracking.

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